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A claim for mis-selling can arise if you have suffered losses as a result of negligent advice from a stockbroker or IFA.


  • Did you complete a fact find?
  • Were you over exposed in high-risk shares?
  • Were you pressurised to buy?
  • Were you told that they owned the shares and had a mark up / mark down?
  • Were recommendations suitable?


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Please Find Client Reviews and Testimonials From Recent Successful Claims.

Mr. Donald - 20th Jan 2014
Claim Amount: £1,058

Dear Jon Gulson and all at Mis-sold Shares,

I received your cheque in today's mail.

Thank you , and all the Mis-sold Team, for your hard work on my behalf. I had had my fingers burned by unscrupulous selling. However, your successful claim on my behalf , and your level-headed and highly effective set of skills, have restored my faith in financial services. I am sure many people throughout the country will have reason to be grateful to you for your professionalism and acumen. I recommend your services to anyone who might be considering trying to recover their mis-sold investments.

Many of us, who have been badly advised in the past, feel reluctant to further pursue some ill-advised investment, for fear of being duped once again. However, I have found your staff to be realistic in their assessment of my situation, and highly effective in pursuing financial justice.

I am very pleased to have had Mis-sold Shares Ltd. working on my behalf.

Many Thanks,

George Donald

Mr. Elder - 17th Jan 2014
Claim Amount: £2,134

Thank you for your letter of 17th January 2014 enclosing my cheque for £2,134.08.
Before you took up my case I assumed that the shares in two companies I had bought from a London broker now under investigation were most probably a total write off. Your staff convinced me that action by Mis Sold Shares could result in very significant financial recovery.

I’m happy to say that proved to be the case and I am very graful for your action.

Yours sincerely,

 Mr H. Y. Elder

Ajit Uppal - 15th Jan 2014
Claim Amount: £5,647

To Mis-sold Shares LTD,

I have today received your cheque for the full amount and needless to say it is good news particulary as I have given up to ever make recovery. I take oppurnity to thank you of the understanding shown and most of all in keeping your Word.



Malcolm Ross - 14th Jan 2014
Claim Amount: £4,798

Hi Jon,

I would like to state that the company (Mis-sold Shares) did an excellent job in getting me almost £5000 pounds returned after I had shares sold to me by an unscrupulous company. Mis-sold Shares managed to retrieve some of this money even though I had mislaid one of the sale agreements.

I would recommend Mis-Sold Shares to anyone who has been duped by unscrupulous companies. Mis-sold shares carried out this work for me on a no win no fee basis and stated what percentage their fees would be at the very beginning.

Malcolm Ross

Donald Smith - 14th Jan 2014
Claim Amount: £3,544

Dear Mr Farrell,

Thank you for the cheque resulting from my successful claim against \VilIs & CO Stockbrokers.

I was convinced that, because of the time lapse and the fact that I could not produce any contract papers, it would not he possible to make a claim. However your team convinced me otherwise. Their skilled investigations and detailed help in the preparation of my claim form, resulted in a successful outcome. Please convey my appreciation to the members of your team that were involved.

Kindest Regards,

Donald Smith