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A claim for mis-selling can arise if you have suffered losses as a result of negligent advice from a stockbroker or IFA.


  • Did you complete a fact find?
  • Were you over exposed in high-risk shares?
  • Were you pressurised to buy?
  • Were you told that they owned the shares and had a mark up / mark down?
  • Were recommendations suitable?


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Please Find Client Reviews and Testimonials From Recent Successful Claims.

D Durrant - 1st Dec 2014
Claim Amount: £50,000

Many thanks for your work in effecting my claim against Wills & Co stockbrokers, a job done most efficiently and reasonably, and with what appears to be good expertise.
Cheque now safely cleared and now I only have to count the £50's........
Yours sincerely
D Durrant

Peter Warren - 14th Nov 2014
Claim Amount: £33,600

Dear Sirs,
I am writing, as requested in your letter date 23rd October, regarding my claim against pacific continental securities (UK) ltd.
You rang me some months ago about the securities I had bought from pacific continental telling me I may have a claim for compensation. I had written these securities off as a loss and put it down to experience. I was totally unaware there was any possiblility of recouping some of my losses. At the same time I was a bit scepticak about your cold call but I checked you out on the internet. On finding out you were what you claimed to beI made a claim via yourselves. The upshot was a settlement, after deduction of your fee, of just over £30,000 paid into my bank account at the end of last month.
Over the period I was dealing with you there was an awareness of an expertise skill as you courteously lead me through the intricacies of the claim.
If you had not phones me I would have had no idea that a claim could be made and I am so grateful for your help in this matter as it has made quite a difference to my wife & myself who are now both pensioners.
Thank you
Yours faithfully
Peter Warren

Mr. Hopton - 11th Aug 2014
Claim Amount: £5,882

I'd like to thank you and your team for retrieving a significant proportion of the money which I had given up as lost.
I put this down to my own credibility, ignornace and greed and an expensive lesson for future investing.
Your team has been very helpful and made the process quite painless for me. Thank you for the work done on my behalf and its successful conclusion.

Yours Sincerely

John Hopton

Mr. James - 11th Aug 2014
Claim Amount: £4,939

Dear Sirs
I have received a cheque in full and final settlement of my claim against Wills & Co for which I thank you.
I have to say I was somewhat sceptical of your claims initially, never having had an occasion to deal with your company before.
However my concern was ill founded and I have been more than satisfied with your efforts. Again thank you for bringing the matter to a satisfactory closure. Should the occasion arise again, which I hope not, I would be more than happy to use your services and I would certainly highly recommend you.

Mr. James

Mr. Crookshanks - 17th Jul 2014
Claim Amount: £824

Thank you for your letter of 14th July with your firms cheque for £824.70. I am most grateful for your prompt and careful attention to this matter and for recovering for me what I thought was forever lost.

Mr. Crookshanks